The Undergraduate Learner Translator Corpus

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Undergraduate Learner Translator Corpus

About Us

The Undergraduate Learner Translator Corpus (ULTC) is an ongoing error-tagged sentence-aligned parallel corpus of English, Arabic and French, with Arabic as its main language. The present corpus consists of parallel texts of female learners of translation from English or French into Arabic. It is the first of its kind in terms of the languages represented, tasks covered, and the number of students involved. It is also unique in terms of combining many complementary corpora of cross-lingual data. Each one of them has its own web-based query interface and corpus analysis tools. This project is motivated by the lack of available learner translator resources providing data about learners of translation from and into Arabic. It aims to support researchers from different interdisciplinary areas such as computational linguistics, descriptive translation studies, computer-aided translation technology, Arabic machine translation applications, cognitive science, and translation pedagogy.